Erotic Massage - The Arousing VIP Obsession

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VIP Obsession – Enjoy your time in the most erotic way!


To satisfy all the clients, the Arousing VIP Obsession package is available in four variants: 60min, 90min, 120 min and 180min.

It is one of the erotic massage packages thought for nonconformist pairs, aimed at delighting the senses of both partners and at inspiring them by our lovely masseuses. Arousing VIP Obsession is the highest temple of the eroticism, an endless feast atmosphere, unlimited freedom and confidence, all of the same equally.

An erotic experience of maximum intensity meant to lead both partners on the acmes of pleasures. The Arousing VIP Obsession, the caressed child of our erotic massage, is the perfect guide to an unbelievable excursion and inciting discoveries.

The highest erotic experience thought to carry by assault your couple relation, to increase mutual confidence between partners, culminating with unbelievable pleasures in the skilful hands of two Vip Obsession masseuses. Our sensual masseuses will serve you as a guide for an excursion into a new, intimate, highly-erotic, unforgettable dimension of fascination...

Though most of the double-hand massages follow the same trend, the Arousing VIP Obsession erotic massage has been focused from the very beginning on a wild and tasty game, meant to increase sensitiveness, to stimulate your receptacles, and to delight you with the techniques of the appealing VIP Obsession masseuses. Let yourself seduced by the VIP Obsession masseuses!

VIP Obsession Bucharest uses the best products, anti-allergic drugs, with or without aroma compounds, according to client’s preferences.

Every VIP Obsession masseuse is specialised in the art of the erotic massage, and in some more special techniques such as Tantra, Danish massage or Californian massage.

We wa you that there are many so-called erotic massage saloons in Bucharest interested only in emptying your pockets for a hasty massage, disregarding your satisfaction. VIP Obsession Saloon lays special emphasis on its own philosophy whose ideal is smile, pleasure, your relaxed spirits, and the most sophisticated services.

No pleasure is unreachable for the VIP Obsession clients!

VIP Obsession is the most exclusivist erotic massage saloon of Bucharest. You may benefit from the VIP Obsession services both at its premises, located in the centre of Bucharest, and at the hotels and the addresses in the urban or the metropolitan area.

Moreover, we are specially considerate and discreet as there are many Romanian or foreign business men in Bucharest, the capital city of Romania, who, due to their position, ask for privacy. With VIP Obsession you may leave aside such conces, our concept being based upon confidentiality, privacy, refined services and high-quality erotic massage. You will enjoy maximum confidentiality both at our premises, and at the hotel or your residence.

For your satisfaction, we have selected the most sensual models in our team. We have not limited ourselves to practising the usual erotic massage, but, as a respectfully luxurious saloon, we can enchant you with an erotic massage full of oriental and slave influences.

We are convinced that the beauty and emotions of our eastern models will delight your senses in such a manner that your first conce when saying good-bye to a VIP Obsession masseuse will be a new booking!

In the category CINEMA you may watch some of our models performing some of the erotic massage techniques specific to our saloon. We shall soon provide you with several amazing videos to have a correct opinion on the uniqueness of our services.